Expanding access to education

Meritize works with training programs that share our passion for creating awareness, access, and advancement in skills-based careers.

By becoming a Meritize partner program, you can give students increased access to innovative funding options that use past achievements to go beyond traditional, credit-only lenders. Partnership with Meritize can offer the following:

  • Direct fund disbursement to your school
  • Flexible repayment options for your students
  • Borrower services for your students

How Meritize can help

Increase enrollment by looking beyond traditional underwriting models
Enable students to leverage their academic, military, or work experience to enhance funding options

Offer flexible repayment options
Offer the benefit of full in-school deferment and a three-month grace period

Reduce the need for institutional lending
Originate and service loans that give you the ability to more effectively manage the receivables

Address funding gaps
Support Title IV programs by financing the gap

Support students beyond the classroom
Provide Meritize members with access to career and placement services

Meritize has helped schools like yours match students with funding that fits their needs.

Awareness is an online resource that helps students select training programs that fit their life


Meritize Score looks beyond students’ credit scores to previous academic, military, or work achievements in order to potentially improve borrowing options


Meritize Career Services provides coaching and placement to those striving for success, in need of career planning or looking for employment

“What makes the Thrust Flight model unique is our accelerated approach to commercial pilot training, but access to financing has been a consistent hurdle for those wanting to start a career with the airlines. Thanks to Meritize’s platform and Zero Time to Airline, students now have a way to get all of the ratings required by the airlines in less than 2 years, and not have to pay for their training until they’re earning income as a pilot.”

Hunter, Thrust Flight

“The relationship that Advanced Welding School has with Meritize has been a major component of our growth in the past 1 and 1/2 years. We believe that what Meritize is doing is helping small companies like mine to help many students who would not be able to better their lives through education without you. The social impact of your company cannot be measured in dollars as you help others achieve lifelong dreams and income levels that they only have dreamed about. Please keep up this very needed work!”

Richard Hope, CEO, Advanced Welding School

“Offering Meritize as a finance option has been, in many cases, the difference between enrolling a new student and turning that potential student. Their loan programs are designed to be flexible and unique to meet the needs of our students. The application process is designed to be simple, and they have increased enrollment, retention, and profits.”

Danielle Chamberlin, Associate VP of Financial Services, International College of Health Sciences

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